The Return of Bitcoin to Bitt

Bitcoin and the Bitt Exchange  

We are happy to announce that Bitt will be once again providing Bitt-sourced bitcoin for trade to our users via our exchange.

Bitt is no stranger to demand and we are excited that you guys were so eager to buy bitcoin. See our exchange FAQ for more information:

Using your Bitcoin

So you’ve bought some bitcoin, now what? Owning any cryptocurrency can feel a bit like owning a lump of gold. Sure it’s pretty to look at and admire, but you can’t exactly toss it over the counter at your local convenience store. Or can you? We’ve compiled a list of neat places and ways to use your bitcoin once you’ve gotten your hands on those satoshis (a satoshi is the smallest unit of a bitcoin that can be recorded on the blockchain, one satoshi equals one hundred millionth of a bitcoin).


Get your game on
With partner BitPay, Valve’s Steam store, allows you to purchase your favourite titles with bitcoin. You can now select bitcoin as your preferred payment method during checkout and, with the easy to use BitPay integration, join the action with the largest gaming outlet on PC.

Learn more here:


Top-up and talk
Never be caught without prepaid phone credit again. With BitRefill, you can add credit to your mobile phone using bitcoin. For our regional readers, you’ll be delighted to know that our largest carriers, Digicel and Flow are supported.

Head over to to get started with convenient top-ups.


Swipe it
Ever wish you could swipe that bitcoin wallet of yours at the counter? Well now you can. With services like Wirex and Xapo you can create virtual and physical debit cards, loaded with bitcoin and converted to a currency of your choice. With Visa and Mastercard licensed cards, you can take your funds with you, swipe at stores both real and online, and use compatible ATMs. Use their convenient mobile apps to keep tabs on your expenses and transactions in real time, no matter where you are.

Get started with Wirex:

Get started with Xapo:


We must go deeper…
Maybe you just want even more cryptocurrency? Bitcoin can be your gateway to the wider world of trading and your entry to even more opportunities in assets such as Ethereum. A wide range of resources can be found online and elsewhere for enthusiasts. We in the Caribbean have our own little corner. The Bitcoin Caribbean Facebook page is your first stop, with a warm community and members like yourself, exploring what the world of digital assets can offer.

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How did we do? Now you can put that gold to good use. Have another cool way to use your bitcoin? Leave us a comment with that neat app or service you’ve discovered. Remember to check out more posts on our blog for tips, tricks and news. Check out our Facebook page for updates and announcements.


Safety first
With great power, comes great responsibility. Be sure to check out our previous posts on safety with digital currency and how to avoid online scam services.

Check out our post on avoiding top bitcoin scams: